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Just pulled this out of my nose.

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1998 days ago

Just pulled this out of my nose.


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kjof87 1894 days ago


ocsbabydoll 1928 days ago

OUCH ---

JessicaMaree13 1978 days ago

A week after you posted this, I fell asleep listening to "Don't You Know You're Beautiful" and woke up to realise that I'd ripped mine out of my nose somehow in my sleep :/ LOL. This was a sign.

KileyJo34 1978 days ago


NewfieGirl93 1989 days ago

U have ur nose peirced?!?! Me too! :)

Mysti_Eyed_Ink 1989 days ago

atleast u cleaned it before..u took the pic...

mariefrance3 1989 days ago

okay and why was that in your nose??

zig2obrian2 1997 days ago

Ew. You pulled metal out of yourself. That's not right...

NCguy66 1997 days ago

wonder how much that would go for on ebay :-)

rocketrolen 1997 days ago

Looks like you

Did you get that from your Extreme Home Makeover visit!

Frogger666 1997 days ago

a Nose ring. nice

taylorswift1213 1997 days ago

Kellie... should I be concerned? Haha.

taylorswift1213 1997 days ago

Kellie... should I be concerned? Haha.

MandieKae7 1998 days ago

umm Kellieeee what the heck is that?? lol

Dancesterx3 1998 days ago

oh Kellie, did you have a bit too much fun with Rach on the 21st?

20luv_alwaz16 1998 days ago


KellieDawnFan 1998 days ago

Kellie your such a lovely girl, I just hope all the tatoos and stuff does not ruin your good image we love you like you WERE..

KellieDawnFan 1998 days ago

Please don't wear stuff like that any more Kellie

kailiebug 1998 days ago


maniacmannGene 1998 days ago

Dang better off removing it from your nose as opposed from your, well never mind.