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2505 days ago


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jmralls2001 2505 days ago

What kind of car is that? It's hard to tell just from that one spot. I would guess it's from the '40s or '50s.

furz8kb 2505 days ago

Or just 120 KM/h

Marcaiche 2505 days ago

*that's ment to be soooo. What's with my iPod trying to 'fix' my spelling all the time?

Marcaiche 2505 days ago

Spoooo, what did you place after all that?

aboutthelovely 2505 days ago

Only you would be going over 120 mph and be taking a twitpic at the same time. Ooohh Jesse.

famulak 2505 days ago

120+ MPH ? Chido.

RDF36 2505 days ago

Looks like a nice sunny drive home

BronxCheer48 2505 days ago

That is beautiful!!