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SEVENTEEN world champions - including #Lewis and #Jenson! Enjoy!

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2502 days ago

SEVENTEEN world champions - including #Lewis and #Jenson! Enjoy!


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k8_louth 2501 days ago

Loving the pic. Would so love to have been in that room!

handybaggy 2501 days ago

A list of F1 British World Champions: Jackie Stewart(3),Jim Clark 2),Graham Hill(2),Mike Hawthorn(1),John Surtees(1),James Hunt(1),Nigel Mansell(1),Damon Hill(1),Lewis Hamilton(1),Jenson Button(1) - We produced the most! :o)

_pacoliN 2501 days ago

OMFG I've missed THE MAN - Sir Moss!

_pacoliN 2501 days ago

Damn limiation... don't want to write it again till the edn but my calculations are exactly 30 titles ;] and 2 great champs missing - Niki Launda & Nelson Piquet... oh, and Iceman, of course ;]

_pacoliN 2501 days ago

#dan4shaw guess you say :D I guess you've done the math ;) Hill + 2x Mika + Lewis + 7x Michael + 2x Fittipaldi + Alan Jones (I think it's him) + 2x Fernando + Keke + Andretti + 3x Sir Jackie Steward + 4x The Professor (Prost) + Villeneuve + John Surtees +

MrNorthice 2502 days ago

17 World Champions and the man who killed F1...

dan4shaw 2502 days ago

Some have really let themselves go since their days in the car havn't they....

dan4shaw 2502 days ago

Would be very interesting to know how many world championships these men have won between them....i'm guessing just under 30.

fernandolalli 2502 days ago


Formula_1_World 2502 days ago

christ so many gods in one spot... id faint

luthienpetrucci 2502 days ago

Wow! Great pic!

davidgriac 2502 days ago

is that really jack next to fernando?? hmm

davidgriac 2502 days ago

tremendous picture! damon looking the best, as usual hahaha. who is that next to fernando though??

NeithHungary 2502 days ago

There's pure motorsport history in the air!:-) As for Stirling Moss:he's not a champ in the stats,but he's a champ in the fans' hearts;-)

veepee50 2502 days ago

Two of them From Finland and third (Kimi) missing. So proud!

mcmercslr 2502 days ago

Stirling moss never actually won a championship

Ms1Step 2502 days ago

great pic =)

totpogo 2502 days ago

I wonder if Sterling Moss would have been there if it wasn't for his fall?

catcherintheshy 2502 days ago

Nice. Need this pic in HQ though.

estoril84 2502 days ago

but on this other version Niki is there and it is 36 championships!