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Opie from opie&anthony on SiriusXM. Love making videos. Youtube channel - opieradio Also major video contributor for MyBlockNYC

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Opie's Eye...the famous painting!

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2038 days ago

Opie's Eye...the famous painting!


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itsnota2mor 2027 days ago

Take your time there OP no hurry

joe7576 2035 days ago

A framed garbage bag? I dont get it.

SICKBOY69erMC 2035 days ago

It's not the radio. You didn't need to tease. U prick. LOL

jollypirate 2036 days ago

are you prepping for little jimmy

jollypirate 2036 days ago


NoWaeJose 2037 days ago

Super neat painting of black earl

bigdaddyrobb 2037 days ago

Do the bit!

nakkers 2037 days ago

I thought we were gonna see this bad boy today no? Let's see it for all it's glory....

alboy1125 2037 days ago

you should do what fox news is doing with the picture of obama, and uncover a square inch of it every day

airbornedaddy 2037 days ago

i think what you should do is the next time you and your wife have sex you have it in front of you and maybe it'll help you hold out longer

jjr007 2037 days ago

Ramone! Clean this pile of dogshit!

burrjf 2037 days ago

It's not my taste, but I have seen worse representations of creativity some try to call art

BabbyK 2037 days ago

At least you won't need to purchase any Java logs for a while.

DatDudeInShades 2037 days ago

You son of a bitch.lol

apoier 2037 days ago

the gold frame makes it fancy.

zombiewoof1 2037 days ago

already sucks

Chris_R_Stuckey 2037 days ago

Nice. When will we see the real deal u wuss!

MELANIETHERED 2037 days ago

You ass-hat! lol

hotshot70 2037 days ago

grrr, i got fooled too! looks like an extreme closeup of a BM

longhornjess 2037 days ago

Crap on a canvas. I luv it.