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Behold - a man who looks like a thumb.

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2279 days ago

Behold - a man who looks like a thumb.


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i_charlie 2266 days ago

- Even the Sun has done a piece on my Thumbman tweet now...! http://tinyurl.com/d27rq9

drdaj 2278 days ago

What about the other people? the guy at the back looks like Mark Chapman, the guy who shot Lennon, and as for the guy on the right...the woman looks normal enough though.

thumbman 2278 days ago

The OFFICIAL Thumbman website is online! http://thumbman.net Send in your cult pics!

shann1972 2278 days ago

meh, to see thumbman on tour in scotland: http://twitpic.com/18p7e

thumbman 2278 days ago

ThumbMan merch available for one week only at http://tinyurl.com/d3t5rn - raising money for charity, twitter me to become an affiliate!

thumbman 2278 days ago

The phone has been ringing from Fox News, but I just stare at it because I can't pick it up. There's more pictures of me starring in Jaws here: http://twitpic.com/18n0l

bbeckford 2278 days ago

Whoa, that is a serious thumb man

SimonLevett 2278 days ago

Wow, Humpty Dumpty is alive and well.

Stu_H 2279 days ago

It looks like this guy is going to become an overnight internet star..... he will be on TV chat shows before you know it!

stan1ey 2279 days ago

This guy would make a great hitch hiker! I wouldn't mind being stranded with him for sure...

mysickbones 2279 days ago

Is this a "digital" photo? Have you been "digitized"? Good on you TM this is a finger-picin good photo!

i_charlie 2279 days ago

- where the ThumbMan legend began. Thank you for starting the movement!

thumbman 2279 days ago

Please remember to add me to your twitter . Thanks for accepting me everyone! I'm just glad no one is laughing at me.

alantshearer 2279 days ago

O my days!! earless, chinless a true thumb.

NickMacDonald 2279 days ago

Truly amazing thumbman... much better than mine http://twitpic.com/18dtp

i_charlie 2279 days ago

good call - where ARE your ears ThumbMan!?

burdt 2279 days ago

we must find the other thumb. then there can be thumb wrestling. no cheating.

biggaboss 2279 days ago

Where are his ears?

thumbman 2279 days ago

Thank you! I can't cry but I imagine I would here. I feel the love.

By the way, #ThumbMan is one word. I could be a hashtag trend! And it's all thanks to !

i_charlie 2279 days ago

Thumb Man. I love you.