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Anthony asleep amazingly balancing his wine...courtesy of Keith the Cop

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2653 days ago

Anthony asleep amazingly balancing his wine...courtesy of Keith the Cop


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itsnota2mor 2641 days ago

ANT must be check'in to see if the backs off his eye lids still work.

darrylhall1 2651 days ago

he has to have a gun close by, he's ready for any type of home invasion. RIGHT

airbornedaddy 2652 days ago

a rare photo of anthony without some sort of firearm

jmill44 2652 days ago

If you look closely, ant only has one leg on that couch, the other is his glorious hog!

folmz 2652 days ago

i see a booger on that couch

wow69 2652 days ago

What a professional!

nickbaudille 2652 days ago

My Hero...Doing what he does best

brandonstuff85 2652 days ago


ChadGraham 2653 days ago

Is that a Java Log I see roasting in the background?

cigarsNscotch 2653 days ago

Was treehouse Richard a guest?

sleter70 2653 days ago

Ant paid all that money for his plugs, so why is he wearing a hat at home?

njscoundrel 2653 days ago


princessemme 2653 days ago

fucking fantastic!

tallenslc 2653 days ago

he drank the glass with ghb in it by mistake..

aspirindamage 2653 days ago

guess he tried to watch PaulO's movie

Taos22 2653 days ago

Opie tell us how much the wine is worth

OpiesBlackberry 2653 days ago

Thats his huge soupcan-esque hog

travisfromks 2653 days ago

Kind of like in Arthur when he is able to to balance his drink on the car's fender at an angle that no sober person could pull off.

oahatremover 2653 days ago

There's a gentlemen who is dedicated to his craft. Never let'em tell ya to put it down!!!

TomK1121 2653 days ago

"Next time on the lifestyles of the rich and famous!"