Gav Gordon-Rogers


Mutant farmer and Interactive Creative Director at Wieden+Kennedy

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Jarvis26j 2163 days ago

fvk5 Hi take a look at

thumbman 2872 days ago

There's so many great photoshops of me now! Keep up the good work, Lessig would be remix proud!

i_charlie 2872 days ago

Sent to Stephen Fry. He loved it, said he'd never sleep again!

thumbman 2872 days ago

The OFFICIAL Thumbman website is online! Send in your cult pics!

TPHD 2872 days ago

actually all four heads are attached to a single, horrific body. it has more legs and genitals than you can handle.

mcollinson 2872 days ago

I reckon it's actually a thumb that looks like a man.

gavrog 2872 days ago

He's already got a sponsorship contract:

thumbman 2872 days ago

This was actually taken way back with Fred Durst, while he was making his transition to douche fame.

acolicci 2872 days ago

we all seriously need to join hands across America over this.

thumbman 2872 days ago

There's even merch of me at now! Twitter me to become an affiliate. On sale for one week only...

thumbman 2872 days ago

Here's a picture of me starring in Jaws:

kramchandani 2872 days ago

something tells me you'll be an internet celebrity by friday afternoon

thumbman 2872 days ago

And yes, I am gonna be in Lost, but it's nothing special, just Locke's brother.

thumbman 2872 days ago

Yes, my wife is under me, and I am not opposable. I have a narcotics and twitter habit. I am NOT called Tom. By the way, it's great that people are putting their thumb up to camera and drawing a thumb on it. Thanks for following me!

rzsoar 2872 days ago

That is amazing beyond belief.

fetts 2872 days ago

LOST Spoiler Alert!!!

srove 2873 days ago

All hail the THUMB MASTER!

willhiggins 2873 days ago

Thumbs up dude.

thumbman 2873 days ago

My name isn't Tom. Tom Thumb was a boy, and I am an actual MAN THUMB. That's why they call me THUMB MAN. DO NOT INSULT ME.

AdamChlan 2873 days ago

I pretty much love this picture.