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Not getting sick of this view here in Cape Town.

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2357 days ago

Not getting sick of this view here in Cape Town.


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mj_alexa 2355 days ago

I love my city CAPE TOWN is da best! thanx 4 showing it 2 da world!

canrun 2356 days ago

looks better than paris-nice.

silverza 2356 days ago

to velovolpe - those are not tankers - Germany navy was invited for the navy festival the weekend past. Those are the big Germany Navy vessels.

james_bt 2356 days ago

I been working in Camps Bay for a few years and still appreciate the beauty ever day! If its not the sea on the one side its the 12 Apostles on the other. Next time come stay in one of our villa's PS. Excited for the Argus tomorrow!!

warrenheald 2356 days ago

Awesome view. I hope that you are enjoying Cape Town so much that you will come back and do the giro de capo next year!

sjstill 2357 days ago

And why would you? It is beautiful! I could live there. Hope Anna & little Max are there with you to make it even more enjoyable.

JesuDominguez 2357 days ago

Bonito paraje, Lance, aunque nada como Santander. ;-)

ste960 2357 days ago

what a beautiful W

ste960 2357 days ago

what a beautiful W

tarryn007 2357 days ago

Lance now you know the best time to visit beautiful Cape Town, so, when is the best time to visit Austin Texas? I'd love to make the trip.

anderski 2357 days ago

Nice! check out the restaurant Blue Peters just north of Cape town, just before sunset.
To watch the sun go down, and you have the view of table mountain in the background!

RohnnyPetitjean 2357 days ago

indeed, nice vue.

RohnnyPetitjean 2357 days ago

indeed, nice vue.

CyberManin 2357 days ago

have never been there, it's seems beautiful. thanks for sharing Lance.

velovolpe 2357 days ago

Does the view of all those tankers remind you of money? How about pollution?

Luman09 2357 days ago

if you get a chance you should visit Ramsgate orNew London (?) on the east coast. beautiful also.

faizelkiwi 2357 days ago

Only One CAPE TOWN......Enjoy Lance

allantorresIM 2357 days ago

awesome !

ddritzenhein 2357 days ago

Beautiful Scenary

newtonpeskin 2357 days ago

so you coming back again heheh That's the mother city for you :-) Enjoy Bro