Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Motorcycles. Art. Just trying to figure out how to get more mat/riding time.

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2298 days ago


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furblaster 2297 days ago

A coward dies 1000 deaths. A warrior dies once. Joe & Miguel now (join Cher&Cocroaches) will NEVER DIE!?

JerWest44 2297 days ago

thats dope

tony_bejar 2297 days ago

This is really cool. The super samurai ninja master killers of pain show is now my favorite show!

rowdy2448 2297 days ago

Hopefully this will be a much better experience then your recent octagon experiences!

PhitZone 2297 days ago

LMAO That is f'ing awesome!!!

jim_turnage 2297 days ago

Oh, man, this is awesome. I cannot have a bad day after seeing this. You guys rock.

Supergallo 2298 days ago

joe had larger ears than I did when I met him and I have large ears.

Master_Bele 2298 days ago

I'm buying (pirating) the first season bwahahaha

tRodHxC 2298 days ago

jaja the mexiMullet and cauliflowerish ears fit perfectly.

PROMMA 2298 days ago

I can tell who that is... MIguel and J-Lau... hair and ears do work