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West Hollywood leading the way w/ some sweet Nazi memorabilia tee shirts.

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1845 days ago

West Hollywood leading the way w/ some sweet Nazi memorabilia tee shirts.


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tlthe5th 1434 days ago

Does it really matter what is was used for before Nazi Germany? Most symbols are bad n e way.

LyricTehUnicorn 1574 days ago

>.> A Swastika is actually a very old symbol. It can be found on Navajo rugs. Means prosperity.

beverlyshane 1707 days ago

what the? hahahahaha......

Fursflying 1713 days ago

That. Is. Insane.

WildaManba 1721 days ago

The swastika is an ancient symbol over 2K years old. Wiki it. (to other users)

Tommis_leedom 1756 days ago

The swastica was a sign of peace before the nazis made it a sign for death and hate

FenGar 1788 days ago

What the? Nazi Christians for Peace?

mrwritestuff 1829 days ago

This is the wardrobe department for the movie "George Bush and Karl Rove: A Love Story"

Candyman450 1832 days ago Sarah Silverman finally gets owned!!!

robertoawesomeo 1834 days ago

that is THE most amazing shirt I have ever seen... I wonder if Amazon has it?

AliKattman 1835 days ago


AngelicaMunster 1838 days ago


nomonono 1841 days ago

"To receive help from the Pink Cross Foundation for your struggle with pornography please visit.."

EvilDemonLlama 1844 days ago

that's the coolest fucking shirt i've ever seen

EvilDemonLlama 1844 days ago

thta's the coolest fucking shirt i've ever seen

tatfreak79 1844 days ago

oh look, diversity just threw up on that shirt. cute

DarlingAnnie 1844 days ago

That's Hindu!! Why do Jews always get the spotlight?

xLoveinIdleness 1844 days ago

its cute that peace can conquer all, but doesn't it have the be going in the opposite direction to be the Hindu sun sign?

juggalo_raptor 1844 days ago

That is so funny because none of that mixes

Trevor_Rogers 1844 days ago

I find this so offensive on so many levels that I'm...impressed. :o