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Faker admits to just wanting attention

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2266 days ago

Faker admits to just wanting attention


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SirBoyKing 2259 days ago

You know there is a ridiculously easy way to get this to stop, right? Just friggen have the real Mr. Ackles get a verified twitter account. Bam. Done. He doesnt even have to tweet on it!

maybellackles 2266 days ago

it´s a person w/ no life

Squeats 2266 days ago

This is so funny, the reason he wants a video with the twitter name spoken is because that's what he needs to send Twitter to verify the account.

SapphireAutumn 2266 days ago

I kinda wonder just how much his life s**ks if he resorts to this kind of this. What a disgusting piece of filth

BexaJaide 2266 days ago

This guy must have one sad, pathetic little life...

ShelbeyJones 2266 days ago

How pathetic do you have to be to be that much of an attention whore

evilTess 2266 days ago


x_agnolo_x 2266 days ago

What a dickbutt. This guy needs sorting out - someone should stop him asap

dontwannaBaclue 2266 days ago

And I'm pretty sure other than threats, we've got fraud, extortion...seriously should show this to the authorities...

Nye_Angel 2266 days ago

Poor Jensen. This guy is nuts.It's crazy with famous people have to deal with sometimes.

xkaren08 2266 days ago


jennihaa 2266 days ago

I'd like to hit him, hard.

CasseyLynn_ 2266 days ago

dude there IS a video of jensen and jared taking about how neither have twitter or myspace or facebook. this guy needs to get up out of his mama's basement and step out into the real world.

DanielleHeredia 2266 days ago

lol...... he didn't even spell his own name right..... lol

artemislovescas 2266 days ago

woow!thats really bad!!why isnt anyone doing something??!at least delete his account!!that guy is a psycho!

izzles25 2266 days ago

What a freak!

yinasshi 2266 days ago

He can't even type his own name! lol

may_spn 2266 days ago

OMG what a douchebag. i'm glad you posted all these Clif. if people believe after this, then they are REALLY not listening

kRosexx 2266 days ago

this is really weird....he's such a freak...

modeztgirl 2266 days ago

he is just a dumbass!