Clif Kosterman


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Faker gave permission to post his direct messages

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1654 days ago

Faker gave permission to post his direct messages


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Nemamka 1297 days ago

:O you know what's funny? I bet you blink one, he drops dead....

maybellackles 1653 days ago

that guy is an IDIOT!!!

evilTess 1654 days ago

He is a DOUCHEBAG....Get a life jerk!

funnypatty 1654 days ago

Well that guy is definatelly lame!!!Twitter must do something about fakes!!!!Thanks for sharing Clif.

SPNGermany 1654 days ago

This guy is a freak.. really...

Deanie_24 1654 days ago


Nehasupnfan 1654 days ago

That is just WRONG!!! FREAK!!

DubGal 1654 days ago

So this dude thought by abusing you it would make you talk to Jensen for him? can anyone say......DELUDED!!!!!

tracy_in_uk 1654 days ago

Jesus! That is very offensive, what a disgusting person.

kRosexx 1654 days ago

i'll say it again.what a douche.

djoy7 1654 days ago

People are really messed up. Why pretend to be someone else!?

pathofclouds 1654 days ago

get a life u moron

Saarrr 1654 days ago

Some people are idiots, didn't he see the vid of Jensen and Jared saying they don't have any twitter, facebook etc? Stupid!

courtney_bolton 1654 days ago

Is he so stupid, to think that we would believe he's Jensen? I mean, seriously.

EvanMarie33 1654 days ago

He's some 45 year old virgin with a bad case of carpel tunnel from jacking off too much, to pictures of Chuck Norris. Poor Chuck.

Salyiha 1654 days ago

*shakes head* he really wants us to believe he is Jensen when he says things like that? D: How dumb can a single person be??

Orangeorange200 1654 days ago

He makes me laugh. Someone kick his dumb ass.

SuprnaturlShana 1654 days ago

this person honestly wants us to believe hes Jensen? WHATEVER

realpandora 1654 days ago

Oh goddess, what an honor!!! -_-

Dana_Lachy 1654 days ago

He is so stupid!!!