Karen O'Hara, VP Original Movies at Syfy. Talk about creature features, megadisasters and REALLY big snakes.

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First pic from the RED shoot!  Felicia knows how to wield a weapon!

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1582 days ago

First pic from the RED shoot! Felicia knows how to wield a weapon!


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ToneRickMusic 1579 days ago

No Light Saber? Force? Still, it's a great er, still. wtg.

Convoy2010 1580 days ago

Just when we think you can't get any more awsome, you go and do something like this. Outstanding. thanks for sharing

BiG_Wo0dY 1580 days ago

Great shot. "Ain't nuthin' sexier than a woman with a gun." I'm paraphrasing of course. Like the knife in the boot too.

Alixtii 1581 days ago

Well, she learned how to shoot a gun for her Dollhouse eps, no?

kzap333 1581 days ago

Pure awesome!

joeku 1581 days ago

wow. she looks really pale in this picture. if she was to be in a vampire movie, she won't even need any make up!

Frogfisher 1581 days ago

How awesome is !?? Gotta love her!

MikesFilmTalk 1581 days ago

Love the boots!

LaunchpadBB 1581 days ago

Ever lovely! But brace for the kickback, dear, no legs to steady you = flat on your back!

TinSoldier6 1581 days ago

Awe. Some.

qimster 1581 days ago

lookin all bad ass and what not! go geek girl!

Rabamata 1581 days ago

looks good. had not heard about this, but sure going to keep it on my "upcoming" list now

XavanQ 1581 days ago

Looks like finally found a way to keep warm, burning Canadians alive.

worldofhiglet 1581 days ago

Yep, is looking like the ass-kicking, gun toting, knife wielding badass that all The Guild is terrified of! #poorfakeseanbecker

EvilPickle666 1581 days ago


surgeterrix 1582 days ago

The show is called RED and its likely she just shot a werewolf with a silver bullet.

anarkii 1582 days ago

That is freakin awesome! What is this show called? Ill be sure to watch it :)

Dakernels 1582 days ago


Jaymil51 1582 days ago

btw it looks like she already shot someone with that gun

Jaymil51 1582 days ago

Awesome Felicia! No more quirky you're a Bad Hunter! xD