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Former Drummer with ThrimbleWeed and the Vegetations

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2417 days ago


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adwii 2372 days ago

Is the middle one the product of the left and right ones?

MadamNatalia 2414 days ago


appleblossomBe 2414 days ago

Absolutely pricelss expressions ! Is the little one on the left a Peke or tibetan spaniel cross ? Too funny, love it.

elliiieeee1D 2415 days ago

Ha, i saw this pic on your show last night with charlotte church!

sarah_squarah 2415 days ago

auditioning for Men in Black... haha

jajajodie 2416 days ago

hahhaa! awwwwwww

xxLizzilxx 2416 days ago

"he's home boys.Time to own up to peeing on the comics and who's idea it was for the wild party we had in his absence!!!!"

paulfrear 2416 days ago

Do you live in an indian restaurant ?

mazziemo 2416 days ago

awwww so sweet x x x

ally4kiki 2416 days ago

They dont look too impressed Wossy, did you forget to bring them something back?

EdieSedgwick 2416 days ago

Its the Sugarbabes!

love_violently 2416 days ago

awww supa kawaii ^.~

esmeclive 2416 days ago

how revolting.

cornilus 2416 days ago

So cute:))

willdawesphoto 2416 days ago

ok, so who's the spokesdog...if that a word, it looks like they are trying to tell you something...Ok, so who left the little present by the backdoor?

MightyRedStar 2416 days ago

oh-my-life! They all look like you!!!!

Don_LB 2416 days ago

Why do they all look so sad??? What did you say?

AmberKennedyxx 2416 days ago

aw, the black on on the end looks so cute! lol

ZeeFox 2417 days ago

Lol... the middle one is a double of you.

scott_rules1 2417 days ago

Those dogs look like they're having the time of their life;)