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I added a background in this version.

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2243 days ago

I added a background in this version.


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SorgonAE 1883 days ago

Xan... O_O Insane Pyromancer

LordSlayR 2007 days ago

Really cool, Release him Please.

ChosenAE 2016 days ago

i wish i had thise skills in photo shop

ChosenAE 2016 days ago

burn baby burn :3

nico0lasaqw 2032 days ago

xan is epicness :3

Bentleynew 2192 days ago

Its Xan! Buahahaha!

McShmoopie 2193 days ago

Yep: that's how he should look. ^_^

DanlosAE 2215 days ago

Miltonius........One or more things to say.......IT-IS-AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! =D

Dragonizzzz 2220 days ago

Epic! Xan looks scarier there!!

MrUnknownWarf 2233 days ago

It's Xan? All i want to say is...IT'S FREAKIN AQWSOME

Ropun_TSD 2240 days ago

Freaking AWESOME!!! Really amazing, as most of your pics.

Aardvarkin 2240 days ago

What if it's Nax, Xan's counterpart? :o

HayIVampi 2240 days ago

Hmm, seeing this again reminds me of your artwork of Seppy awhile ago which ended up on one of the trial game cards... Could this be connected to that? :o

Legnave_FEZero 2240 days ago

Isn't Xan's head black?

Robot_Tweets 2240 days ago

I bet it's part of AE's Master Plan... Which no one clearly knows. o_o

Senior_Gaylord 2240 days ago

this is...AMAZING

CharonTheShadow 2240 days ago

Way to go, Milt. I will never understand how you have time for this. ^^

SkylineSV 2240 days ago

Orange flames and black smoke, it's brillant.

dantrocks 2240 days ago


TheTrevorCake 2241 days ago

It Xan! :o