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Barbaric weapons!

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2463 days ago

Barbaric weapons!


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TheTrevorCake 2461 days ago

Hmm. Barbaric weapons look civilized, they do! :D

DTAQW 2462 days ago

Messed up with the posting.... errr sorry.

DTAQW 2462 days ago

The sword looks a little off. Make that thing betw. the blade and the handle more straighter

AQWpenguinpal 2462 days ago

wonder if these are prizes during the mini-game or shop items. monster drops? i want the sword at least

MM_AQW 2462 days ago

Nice stack of plain weapons, hardly any of these in awhile

ddungeonmasterz 2462 days ago

can i haz them

HSsai 2463 days ago

barbaric?! i think theres a road in greenguard that leads to sum camp of barbarians i think cant remember well so is that place coming?

201Doom201 2463 days ago

These are awesome!Good job Miltonius!

agentsteel 2463 days ago

can you make the handles less plain

Veluxier 2463 days ago

What's that written on the axe? Oh and I love the sword

MathiaAE 2463 days ago

Depends at what part you hold it top of handle would be better.

MathiaAE 2463 days ago

I like the axe idk about the sword though.

HiImBeef 2463 days ago