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Here's the female version holding my Sword of Samaria!

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2538 days ago

Here's the female version holding my Sword of Samaria!


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Ristolk 2525 days ago

Feet. Make them better.

AQWpenguinpal 2537 days ago


AQWpenguinpal 2537 days ago

& BeelPwnsAE: Last time i checked crystal hasnt said anything negative. Its actually positive feedback on this armor. And wouldnt you two, who are both bashing crystal lion, be the ones flaming? That aside, im actually ok with the blade's c

Alaina_AK 2537 days ago

Not my favorite armor, but maybe that's because I like the more revealing designs better. But still a very nice job! :D

Frosty_AQW 2537 days ago

I don't really like either of the swords or armors at all. ._.

Silllerrrr 2537 days ago

Yeah there's the other thing. If players are drawing things like that, then that must mean THEIR okay with the art.

MrFoouFoou 2537 days ago

littlest things.

MrFoouFoou 2537 days ago

Although in this case, I wouldnt call the Armor Milts work, since it was Player Suggested. I mean sure the Flashing was probably done from Milt, maybe even a little more stuff added, but still I dont think Crystal should be Flameing so much about the litt

Silllerrrr 2537 days ago

Yep. I love Milt's art. nd so do alot of other people.

Javiersito2 2537 days ago

I don't like the hilt. I like the blade though. I wish you could click on the blade to make the sword have a straight hilt and a shorter handle that would be sick!!!!!

MrFoouFoou 2537 days ago

Utmost Highest respect for him.

MrFoouFoou 2537 days ago

IMO she can keep her opinions to herself, and not flame about how Milt does his art. IF she hates how Milt does his art she might aswell quit because almost all the Art in this game is done by Milt, of which because of that I have the Utmos

Silllerrrr 2537 days ago

I know. It's annoying.

MrFoouFoou 2537 days ago

Of course she does, shes the Queen/King of flame when it comes to AQW.

Silllerrrr 2537 days ago

Do you complain about everything he draws?!

SirValor666 2537 days ago

It's how Milton codes and draws the armor, so just shut up about that stuff. >.> (Is getting ticked by Lion)

Crystal_Lion 2538 days ago

Well,at the very least,you're no longer trying to make the female version a cabaret mockery of the male.

ddungeonmasterz 2538 days ago

can i haz the sword

KingbadtzAE 2538 days ago

Awesome look but the sword doesn't match the armor

mturf 2538 days ago

again, love the hands. the colour of the shoulder detail and shin wolf seems a little green, wud have thought more of a yellow wud have looked better. love the eyes on both