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Andy Warhol rarely looks this happy in a photograph.

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2505 days ago

Andy Warhol rarely looks this happy in a photograph.


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laraeliz 2503 days ago

Looks like Andy is huffing Yoko

FigaroLucowski 2504 days ago


pstawicki 2504 days ago

Vry interesting!

PublicAdvocacy 2504 days ago

Wee Wow Wee! Ménage à trois - Yoko sure is a lucky girl (~_^)

WyllysInVA 2504 days ago

Yoko looks just a tad jeaoulous...

abferry 2504 days ago

damn it, ebert. this is both awesome and weird. damn it.

PrincessScribe 2505 days ago

Happy? Stoned? Orgasmic? Are these all synonyms? Love Yoko's expression. :)

DonalMason 2505 days ago

Haha. Lennon has the same look on his face as in that scene from 'Magical Mystery Tour' where he and George are sitting at a table, leering.

sspencer1956 2505 days ago

Oh my God!

manny_miles 2505 days ago

And Lou Reed wrote a song about Andy not liking to be touched.

swimcat62 2505 days ago

Those are my two favorite men, also. Number three is Yoko Ono.

wernerdeutsch 2505 days ago

"Weekend At Andy's"

joshwmitchell 2505 days ago

I never knew Yoko had a knee fetish...

outside62 2505 days ago

What a great pic!

EmWalz 2505 days ago

Yoko is so just barely participating.

hondo64ou 2505 days ago

Well....I'm off to try and bleach this image out of my brain.

floppybelly 2505 days ago

Wow, that is... That is something.

jbushart 2505 days ago

Give Piece a Chance.....

iamalysha 2505 days ago

Lol. I read his autobiography. Andy was more turned on by the idea of sex than the actual act. What an interesting character. And yet the world is a sadder place without his eccentric behavior.

QueeniePie 2505 days ago

Boobies+groping = Happy