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An hour out til idol in control room!

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2540 days ago

An hour out til idol in control room!


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CindyKay618 2539 days ago

The first thing that popped into my mind: "Well I certainly hope they don't make everyone sit in the dark..." LOL

Precious_Sun 2540 days ago

it's all in a days work, work, work baby. ;) ;)

mounatweet 2540 days ago

That is so cool!! Hey Ryan, just wanted you to know that I see some chemistry with you and one of the FEMALE contestants! I wont mention what her name is but I think you know! I watch the show more now not only for the amazing talent but also to watch

crystalhyde 2540 days ago

Whoa! That looks like fun! Maybe I'll consider a career change!

christianbbyy 2540 days ago

hah. it'd look better if were in the middle of the floor. :P

claudia3793 2540 days ago

i always wanted to be in one of those rooms!
i've never been in one =( but very cool pic!

BMacD10 2540 days ago

A dozen monitors and analog clock! ? So awesome.Ryan

realtorloangirl 2540 days ago

Ryan wanting to become a producer to sit in the control room too how do u suggest one start?

garywright2 2540 days ago

That is sweeeet!!! You have the best job in the world!

jbrox66 2540 days ago

tht is soo awesome

wdfree5 2540 days ago

Looks busy busy busy.

xCassx19 2540 days ago

follow on twitter for the latest ADAM LAMBERT updates!

aguus_unicorn 2540 days ago

woooooo cool :D

arianethegiant 2540 days ago

its like a paranormal activity!imfao

aguus_unicorn 2540 days ago

woooooo cool :D

jackie_a90 2540 days ago

I didn't mean witch...i meant which....c what being so tired does to a mind!!

Yhan_Ort 2540 days ago


jackie_a90 2540 days ago

Witch button to push!!!

KelseyLynnMusic 2540 days ago

Don't touch anything! Haha, kidding :)

helenrkelly 2540 days ago

That's sooo cool! :)