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Opie's Eye...Louie CK's breakfast has arrived.

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2011 days ago

Opie's Eye...Louie CK's breakfast has arrived.


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mrrjr 2003 days ago

The fattest jogger in the world

nauticalstar 2009 days ago

Louie v. Artie- who's going to have the clogged arteries first?

Patrick79x 2010 days ago

Donuts left over from the holidays are the preferred food of all 1/2 mexican comedians.

daverodgers 2010 days ago

He looks so happy to stuff his face with shame.

briankh 2010 days ago

Mmmmm the breakfast of champions

StevenBayShore 2011 days ago

Where are the "Drunken Negro Head Cookies" that everyone's so crazy about? THAT would be a breakfast fit for a man of Louis' stature.

muddle_mann 2011 days ago

Based on Mr C.K.'s last special I thought Cinnabon was his favorite! :P

nneptune 2011 days ago

Donuts! Oh boy!

airbornedaddy 2011 days ago

save me a jellly

BlueHeelerKY 2011 days ago

How old is that fucking box? "Happy Holidays"...haha

imboxster 2011 days ago

louie rules

djrealitybk 2011 days ago

u guys live the life.......NOT...hahahah

sevenstophold 2011 days ago

why doesn't he eat just one?

andrewgodin 2011 days ago

Damn....Lucky Louis (car crash)

Sandmanism 2011 days ago


Lady_Trucker 2011 days ago

I ment MILK! Not mill!

Lady_Trucker 2011 days ago

The Louie gets mill! The Louie gets milk! Don't make a Fucking maniac out of me! The Louie gets mill!!!!

DonHwan 2011 days ago

mmm double "D" nutz~ :P

mlh_arb 2011 days ago

mmmm....donuts. louie CK Simpson

egax 2011 days ago