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On set now getting ready for tonight!

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2243 days ago

On set now getting ready for tonight!


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patholeme 2242 days ago

cool ! have fun ! xoxo ttys

BieberFieber_ 2242 days ago

Is this on American Idol?

KtennisKbyH 2242 days ago

Great update. Everyone outside of this inner circle get a chance to see the inner circle perspective.

daisygirl05 2242 days ago

Love you Ryan.. You're the glue to the show - question what is up with the PDA with Kara and Simon - I'm embarrassed for them - I mean...really ??!!

KatThePrissy1 2242 days ago

I wished I was there watching!

STLUCIANIDOL91 2243 days ago

does the audience watch the run through too? :O

MuggleJen 2243 days ago

Oh and in reply to every1.. the first live week was rough.. fact. But once they felt comfortable and finally settled in... they have proven to be very talented. This year is going to be great aswell.

MuggleJen 2243 days ago

Okay so this is awesome: ) take a candid of Simon plzzz. He's sexy Lol.

aguus_unicorn 2243 days ago


claudia3793 2243 days ago

nice pic from stage! but i don't see u =(

Sportsgirl9 2243 days ago

I'm eager to see the show tonight! ^_^

MeMyselfandYo 2243 days ago


ChloePineda24 2243 days ago

Nice. B-)

Kriky13 2243 days ago

I haven't been watching the show lately. It's not the same without the original cast. Although if I do watch it again, it's to see Ryan :)

wdfree5 2243 days ago

I disagree with most of these comments. I think you guys have picked a great group of talented kids this year. I am loving Idol more than ever especially with the addition of Ellen Dengeneras. GO Crystal Bowersox!

Sataninheels19 2243 days ago

basically to sum it up, everyone this year kind of sucks!

funnernunner 2243 days ago

the guys suck,

KillasRacing 2243 days ago

good show and very good luck !!!

RachelMarie209 2243 days ago

Haven't seen the guys yet! Can't wait until tonights show to see who's competition with Crystal Bowersox!

HayleyKnight_ 2243 days ago

So the Show Sucks, What's More To Say and thats why Simon Cowell is probably gonna call it a day. Call it Imitation, not really Idol show