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Determination & a roar from the crowd

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2328 days ago

Determination & a roar from the crowd


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ehalid12 2328 days ago

I expect my representation to use what instructments at its disposal to accomplish survival for me and the USA

me11oye11ow 2328 days ago

Reconciliation was never, never, never intended to be a sheild, to be used as a shield for controversial legislation. Debate and ammend the health care bill please. Thank You

patlpinion 2328 days ago

Anyone who says we don't need HealthCare reform is an idiot. We have needed HealthCare Reform for many years. This country throws away money on pork barrel projects while it's people either can't get insurance due to pre-existing conditions or can't affor

Beachlife2 2328 days ago

We need the public option.......

NicholleRomero 2328 days ago

Ew. And, he should stop campaigning for something we don't want. We know the facts, he's not going to convince us. And it defeats the purpose! He's preaching to the choir

jayklef5 2328 days ago

love it,.. even her finger is excited to be there

emdoyle 2328 days ago

This is the kind of change we wanted all along.

tutupat 2328 days ago

Go mr. President!!!

mokinbird01 2328 days ago

reform corporate controlled healthcare or our premiums will skyrocket!

MidwestGlassFab 2328 days ago

The crowd is drinking the kool-aid.

OlegFL 2328 days ago

is this the best picture our tax money can buy?

ECHOisthename 2328 days ago

you guys are kind of going kookoo with twitpics lately. new discovery over there?

kacbwords 2328 days ago


RonsTweet328 2328 days ago

Go see the message about heaven at