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2248 days ago


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IronChefVixen 2229 days ago

Hahaha, I LOVE that lady's coat!

Pisis66 2243 days ago

Well I hope was worth the freezing you now What.. B an the fish was big!

cecilida 2243 days ago

Tony, Tony! Braving the elements for the love of… ice-fishing?! At least it looks like it was all in-style! Love your show, will watch.

aussiecaterers 2243 days ago

Wouldn't be so rugged up fishing for Coral Trout if he was in Australia, still he's havin fun...

linette150 2243 days ago

Also, you should have STAYED in the bar. More food, drink and conversation. Not much of that hapening on the ice.

linette150 2243 days ago

Agreed, Puerto Rican roasted pork mmmmmm. Tony think pork, ,,,,,,,,,,,pork, pork……

littledydy 2243 days ago

I don't think this is the "I'd rather be fishing" Tony is thinking about? How about "I'd rather be eating pork in Purto Rico"? lol

JennyBeeCakes 2243 days ago

Clearly should have gone shopping with the lady to your right...

KristaMiller2 2243 days ago

i imagine he is thinking...fml lmaoo

donorgal 2243 days ago

Stay in the bar.......

Chauieee 2243 days ago

I love your show, Tony. This picture cracks me up.

RockyMt2 2243 days ago

At least, they could give you a hot toddy!! Love you Anthony....hang in will be back in a warm bar soon.

MamaManning 2243 days ago

I'd look all aggravated too if someone made me sit outside in the snow and fish.

on2thnext1 2243 days ago

She looks warm.

noodlesnake 2243 days ago

You know what goes with ice-fishing? Beer. If you don't have that well, tough shit, I guess.