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Boarding for St Louis to fight for #hcr & against Medicare fraud

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1972 days ago

Boarding for St Louis to fight for #hcr & against Medicare fraud


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chola1976 1971 days ago

Mr.President. I am an Indian. My name is Cholan.I am based at Chennai, which is in southern most part of India. I admire your speeches, which is with visionary,enthralling and Inspiring. Many Congratulations for your initiatives to bring back US economy i

Niteowl009 1972 days ago

Hey, Mr. President! #HCR is on its way! Im with "Let`s get this DONE!" 30 Million people counting on it!

SharlineN 1972 days ago

Awesome!!! We are behind you all the way.

paigesplace 1972 days ago

Most of Medicare fraud is perpetrated by govt regulations not physicians. So I wonder why the WH would talk to the public about this? Maybe because public officials really don't want to do anything about Medicare fraud

modeknit 1972 days ago

We're behind you - let's get this DONE!

Susi_S_ 1972 days ago

Great!! :)

DrLevendesteen 1972 days ago

Nice photo of Obi one!

Casin0R0yale7 1972 days ago

Very nice

markspaz 1972 days ago

Git Er Done! The American People are counting on you President Obama.

espressolee 1972 days ago

I like it!

jayklef5 1972 days ago

cool,... i know ur busy, but more pics please

Louie_Kapoohy 1972 days ago

Nice photo of Air Force 1