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Possible rares.

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2396 days ago

Possible rares.


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Ropun_TSD 2392 days ago

Rares, eh? I might want to get these, then!

drDOT_AE 2394 days ago

Oh I forgot to ask, is there any possibility we could get the Moglin's skull mask as an item? :P

ddungeonmasterz 2395 days ago

Miltonius has been breaking his drawing hand making new rares all week long (including pet versions of each of the Fairmasters pictured above)
all will be pets....evil clown

xXxGuNzIxXx 2395 days ago

._. US scots* i fail at grammer .....

xXxGuNzIxXx 2395 days ago


AQWBrasilNews 2395 days ago

=D Nice

201Doom201 2395 days ago

I love the hat the lep moglin si wearing:D

MrSebi 2395 days ago

Skull moglin/sneevil... Barbarian Moglin/Sneevil and Leprechaun moglin/sneevil: Nice!

agentsteel 2395 days ago

will there be celtic armors? make new celtic armors since they are irish

ForsahenAQW 2395 days ago

O.O quite the collection here. I like the epic bearded sneevil!

GriefAE 2395 days ago

...name the clown sneevil Pennywise. PLEASE. XD

Tokijin 2395 days ago

hmm I have 46 pets right now, and If I get all of these pets, I'll have 52!

Robot_Tweets 2395 days ago

Kilts are Scottish not Irish! o=<

BurceChuat 2395 days ago

I'm gonna get the clown sneevil so I could make fun people with Coulrophobia. Nice art btw Milt :P

Bramman111_0001 2395 days ago

Is that Moglin with the axe wearing a kilt?

Frosty_AQW 2395 days ago

The moglins are epicsauce.

Vamparagon 2395 days ago

A HDR filter would look great on these guys. ;P
Anyway, love them!

Robot_Tweets 2395 days ago

Love the box-headed Sneevil.

FreezingAE 2396 days ago


FreezingAE 2396 days ago

SCARY CLOWNZ!!!! I live that moglin with the mohawk! No...I like them all!!!