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They photographed this using toys. Pretty cool.

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2505 days ago

They photographed this using toys. Pretty cool.


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V2Blast 2505 days ago

I know it's from Ghostbusters. I just stopped thinking about Iron Man once I saw the top right dude because its awesomeness outweighed that of the Iron Man and War Machine toys :P

Robo_Bitch 2505 days ago

Say is the one in red Single? HAHAHA! Sorry a little bit of some Robot Humor, (Battery Running Low) Recharge time!

Lemcott 2505 days ago

whoa man... it's from ghostbusters.... I didnt think anyone DIDNT know who that was.

LobsterJustin 2505 days ago

very nice

_sonee_ 2505 days ago

They're toys?? That's some pretty impressive photoshop skills!

shirozora 2505 days ago

I'm sure I have room for them on my shelf...

V2Blast 2505 days ago

I was going to say "That looks cool." until I saw the top right part of the thing. (What is this, anyway? A poster?)

The_Dxpx 2505 days ago

That's pretty sweet. :) I kinda want one next to my Harley Quinn. :D

getthatball 2505 days ago

I want one of each. Iron Man + War Machine = AWESOME TOYS.