Brad Paisley


In 1972, a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit. I was also born.

Okay then here you go. Caption contest time.  RT @wodin77: show us the bruise...

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2423 days ago

Okay then here you go. Caption contest time. RT : show us the bruise...


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DestinyRoxx 1954 days ago

Mmmm, Side of Beef

talk2mefalling 2215 days ago

OUCH!!!! Looks like making that easy money took a hard fall, so sorry but thank God it was only a bruise.

Wyldorchidchyld 2368 days ago

For those of you whom plan on going to heaven, I suggest not sliding in sideways more than once.

ChuckFromAkron 2390 days ago

See, looks just like Jesus...

tbswish12 2408 days ago

hey hey mr policeman, bet i can dive farther than you can

chinofly921 2410 days ago

OUCH...kinda pretty with all the colors

sunofthesouth 2411 days ago


scottdolphin 2416 days ago

I believe Keith Urban is from THIS part of Australia.

DeansRaven 2417 days ago

...and that's when I decided I wanted a tattoo of the Horse Head Nebula on my side.

blondedowntherd 2417 days ago

a little TOO much alcohol..

overoutandup 2417 days ago

I work hard for the money!

nerdy_mermaid 2418 days ago

Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!

waliehs 2418 days ago

Geez. I didn't know those hot wings could burn right through!

diddyfunk 2418 days ago

Damm tattoo artist... this was suppost to say "I

Lodema72 2418 days ago

I see Jesus LOL

abigailesmommy 2418 days ago

Six more weeks of Winter?

catwanser 2418 days ago

Its just another American Saturday Night!!

HereFishyFishy 2418 days ago

Brad's "brews" wouldn't look so bad if he'd stuck to non-"ALCOHOL"-ic.

singleguyma 2418 days ago


poisonredhead 2418 days ago

Looks like someone finally let Ali Babba out of the genie bottle!