jonathan ross


Former Drummer with ThrimbleWeed and the Vegetations

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2771 days ago


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captaindawson 2688 days ago

Nom nom nom :)

Cass_fryer 2688 days ago

Be careful Jonty! He will try and dry hump her! It is inevitable!

celebritydave 2702 days ago

tramp love in guys

comino 2702 days ago

Russell was out recently to Australia, and we just love him...too funny..

laurzilla 2704 days ago

i actually love this man, Jane looks pretty too :)

unseen4 2725 days ago

I love your wife's hair, and Russell Brand is gorgeous

Sarah_31586 2725 days ago

Wonder if I could look that good with red hair? haha probably turn out green or something. Russell Brand...cheeky.

celebritydave 2726 days ago

what a tit he is

shagamuffin 2726 days ago

Russell Brand? Yes please.

gypsyroadhog 2727 days ago

i thought you would have learnt your lesson than to be involved with this man

Kishka73 2727 days ago

Been there, done that.

kathspaceman 2728 days ago

i actually watched russells show ponderland a few weeks back and i couldn't stop laughing very funny!

angharadjthomas 2730 days ago

I do actually love that man.

lucyluce84 2736 days ago

How lucky, i love russell brand he is a very funny and yet controversial man lol x

tash_says_meow 2736 days ago

you should convince Russell Brand to get a twitter account! PLEASE *cute face*

stephanieMURRAY 2736 days ago

swit swoo! i dreamt about russel brand last night...twas an odd sensation!

sanmarco1992 2740 days ago

You let Russell near your woman?! Blimey ;)

Chapmancatering 2741 days ago

looks like girls night in then!!

easyfcukrstephe 2742 days ago

You have a lovely house johnathan

easyfcukrstephe 2742 days ago

Watch out brandys about