Kelly Clarkson


I am Kelly.

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2273 days ago


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Naydeeners1989 2208 days ago

Ooooh! Soupie!

furiousarah 2209 days ago

...with-holding judgment at this time.

tal0424 2214 days ago

wtf??!! it looks icky

kevtokki_ 2218 days ago

It looks delicious!

indiesoares 2222 days ago

Oh, it's chocolate with marshmallows! Delicious, Kelly, give me a little?

indiesoares 2222 days ago


cheerssquirrely 2259 days ago

I does loooook like Chunky's soup. Should have used the flash but still yummers.

Debor4hGuedes 2262 days ago

wow! parece bom! :x

Namz6 2271 days ago

looks yumster cant wait to see you in concert tommorrow nite at the dome woohoo!

Z__8 2271 days ago

hot chocolate and marshmallows look sooo yummy to me. =D

sarraenn 2271 days ago

haha that's so cool!! =D

mlocante16 2272 days ago

would you like some hot chocolate with those marshmellows? haha :p its so tiny!

David_A_Newman 2272 days ago

lol, I thought it was Campbell's Chunky Soup for a second...doesn't look great, but I bet it tasted real good!

janablauw 2272 days ago

Sounds yummy, looks yukky ;) Hope it was the yummy one, haha :)

linsfernanda 2272 days ago

this is a real snot

lidiviana 2272 days ago

nossa q gororoba Kelly, mas parece gostosa...:)

becky_123KC 2272 days ago

I had that the other day! Great minds think alike!

guide_jeam 2272 days ago

ohh!!looks yummy,so jealous!

ilovejesus6 2272 days ago

what is that? lol

lncrchik 2272 days ago

lol it probably was yummy though :-P