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Nothing better then starting the week off right.

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2510 days ago

Nothing better then starting the week off right.


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demodan77 2506 days ago

damn we need them in pennsylvania jesse our food sucks ass here no good places to eat

aerlovelee 2509 days ago

:)watched Oprah when your beautiful wife said she was going to eat a big juicy Cisco Burger! You both are very inspiring and as a fan of Sandra's for many years I knew she had it in her for an Oscar!!

elissakatherine 2509 days ago

Franchise in Chicago pretty please?

ALEXVLNC 2510 days ago


ALEXVLNC 2510 days ago


llacigart 2510 days ago

your wife said she was having lunch w/you on O!! congratulations!

____JUICE____ 2510 days ago

looks a lot better than the oscars salmon

SweetBahamaGirl 2510 days ago

CONGRATS to you and your lovely wife! she deserved the Oscar!!!!! she sure looks at you with tremendous love~

johneville 2510 days ago

Mail me a damn fry!!!

tglory1107 2510 days ago

That's it! Diet over!!

zombie104 2510 days ago

bring it to the east coast------- atlanta next to psycho tattoo

gps_13 2510 days ago

You make me fell more hungry. This looks sooooooooo good. Bring Cisco to Brazil xD

notso5 2510 days ago

so did you enjoy this more than the Oscar dinner...???

Musicplusink 2510 days ago

i want one! do you guys mail? lol

Vyckster 2510 days ago

Oh, that's just cruel! ;-)

karlamKFI 2510 days ago

Yer making me hungry! Do you guys deliver to Burbank??

simplyn2deep 2510 days ago

that looks sooooo good!

_Luchizz_ 2510 days ago

mmm,delicious! XD

dani1277 2510 days ago

That looks D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S!!!! Wish I could've started my week off with that....Bring Cisco to Chicago!!!!!

mariasellery 2510 days ago

ha looks so good! enjoy