Jon M. Chu


Director of Step Up 2, Step up 3D, Justin Bieber: Never Say Never, creator of The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers and director of the upcoming G.I. Joe 2

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1724 days ago


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Kherlen 1715 days ago

Maybe he was there to secure the iPad that comedian guy had...

StrokerAce90 1721 days ago

FutureMedia 1724 days ago

He looks like James Taylor to me.

nHelke 1724 days ago

Funny to see Jobs in a tux.

elvismak 1724 days ago

you're lucky, photo with jobs!

digitalAngel 1724 days ago

Steve Jobs looks good in a tux!

Niiro13 1724 days ago

For those who actually want to know, he's CEO of Apple and on the Board of Directors of Pixar as well as the largest shareholder of Disney...not to mention the iPad commercial that just played...many reasons why he'd be there.

chadonna 1724 days ago

Awesome! You're so lucky to be at the Oscars...and even luckier to have a pic with Steve! I met him briefly at the opening of the Fifth Ave Apple Store in NYC. I'll never forget that. By the way, he's decked out in Louis Vuitton. My friend dressed hi

indiekiduk 1724 days ago

he owns Disney ;-)

EGOvoruhk 1724 days ago

He might be, but he's not

jonfriedman 1724 days ago

what did you say to him? you have so much damn street cred now.

GiantBicycle 1724 days ago

Uhhhh I think he MIGHT be the CEO of PIXAR, maybe that's why?

drakeshipway 1724 days ago

You're the luckiest person in the world!! Love you Stevie!

lorib100 1724 days ago

Awesome picture!!

DarknPretty 1724 days ago

Cool hair cut : D

Pulahoop 1724 days ago

that's steve jobs :)
what is he doing at the oscars?