Miguel Angel Torres


I think we need more cowbell.

So I'll never be a model.

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1942 days ago

So I'll never be a model.


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rocomata 1930 days ago

lindo putazo!!!

Travel2findcure 1939 days ago

Much Respect...This house knows you'll bounce back.

leximom6857 1939 days ago

wow your still look good to me. I hope you feel better.

D_A_M 1940 days ago

Hijue la gran P*ta!! Looks like you got a machete to ya head bro! You'll be back tho, don't stop!

saturns74 1941 days ago

Beat his A** next time. You will be back stronger than ever, look at your ealier fights you had a better style more kicks and non stop punching.

airdata8 1942 days ago

Move over Marvin Eastman... Worst cut in MMA history. Sorry bro, was cheering for you. Heal fast El Robot.

vampdanny 1942 days ago

Animo Campeon Una raya mas pa'l Tigre.

AlSal3 1942 days ago

couldn't they just glue it back 2gether?

ebbforpope 1942 days ago

ahhhhhhhhh!!! skull!!!

crazytone6 1942 days ago

You know I had spine surgery..so, I will share the pain meds wit you!! =)

dshen15 1942 days ago

No one said this would be easy... A champion to make his climb again.

LUISMAREVALO 1942 days ago

no pasa nada campeon! back to training and to the top where you belong!

GabrielCornejo 1942 days ago

Damn! Te partieron la madre wey!

bajarat 1942 days ago

Looks like you might have gotten caught in a tractor's nuts. Viva la vicodin.

RMH2345 1942 days ago

Damn , this is in the top 10 I've ever seen

SagePrice 1942 days ago


KenTFoss 1942 days ago

I can see skull.

headlinemma 1942 days ago

Nice that one battle scar bud...

papamidniite 1942 days ago

Damn bro...knew it had to be something wicked to get you to tap...can't wait to see ya fight again bro. payce yo

Eugene1016 1942 days ago

Sick cut man. Who wants to be a model anyways