Brad Paisley


In 1972, a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit. I was also born.

And here, consulting the doctors. They said I was a very brave boy.

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2273 days ago

And here, consulting the doctors. They said I was a very brave boy.


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JonathanPDX 2258 days ago

Where's the lollypop?

purpleT30 2261 days ago

Looks like u were a real brave boy! Glad to hear your doing better. Love your shows and come back to Nebraska!

Micheyluv 2268 days ago

lol what is up with the long socks?

Katie4roses 2268 days ago

Did they give you a sucker for being a good "Sport"?

evilchrissy73 2270 days ago

did you get a sticker afterwards?

GenerousHandful 2270 days ago

So much for getting a private room.

wv_medic 2270 days ago

That was graceful as anything I have ever seen. Good thing your are a guitar player and not a ballet dancer. Keep up the good work, were all proud of you here back home.

Taylorr_Jay 2270 days ago

same thing would have happened to me!! i live in michigan, but i cant wait to come see you and get the full affect next time your in tennesse :))
i tell my step mom the song american saturday night is about me, the italian ice, is really italian eyes to

susiedsoto 2271 days ago

omg i just saw the video of you falling...I'm glad you're ok and laughing it off. That's why you're my fav. :)

Fri3rson 2271 days ago

I'm still waiting to hear about my meet and greet! I'm really sorry Brad, but you looked like Superman taking a dive and each time I watch it I laugh a little harder! Wait until they get a hold of Justin and his band in their speedo's! The attention will

sicapalen 2271 days ago

The folks in Charleston were glad you came there. They hope you enjoyed your trip and are looking forward to seeing you next fall!
Seriously though, I hope you are doing alright and have nothing damaged but your pride.

blacjac003 2271 days ago

Brad I was at the concert and it did look nasty. I tell you what you gotta set though and that concert was was the best. Keep rockin' it Paisley style!

Marian1022 2271 days ago

Glad you're OK Man that was a nasty fall.

lilmama08_2006 2271 days ago

im glad to know that u r ok brad.....just dont trip on stage anymore...

whitedove35 2272 days ago

Brad..good to hear youre okay! My husband and I were at your show last night..AWESOME! we had a blast! Thanks! and take care :-)

ccain3 2272 days ago

So glad to see you're ok. I was supposed to do meet & greet after show, hopefully next time. I hope you feel better soon.

nan2005253 2272 days ago

Brad's VA Family is glad all is ok. Bobbi was thrilled when you said hi in Knoxville.

EDENintheDESERT 2272 days ago

You just had to be singing Alcohol...!! LOL!! It's called Method Acting.., but you're not suppose to really fall!?!

Ldenemark 2272 days ago

You're just like a Timex watch. You took a licking and kept on ticking. Looked really bad on video but I'm glad you're ok.

craftperson 2272 days ago

Good thing you sang Alcohol last. It must have gotten to you.