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Check out Ron Artest blond hair

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2368 days ago

Check out Ron Artest blond hair


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JoshuaEliav 2366 days ago

dam it loooked so sick on sunday against the magics , but i didnt see any D . come on artest your the best defender in the nba.

Jo_CC 2368 days ago

Why? WHy?? WHY??? A winning statement on the court should draw enough Rodman is enough and too much!!

1andonlyAceman 2368 days ago

For the love of Dennis Rodman PLEASE WIN TMRW! Nice doo!

graphicwise 2368 days ago

nice!!!!!!!!! looking good!

LazyDazy 2368 days ago


ObiWanKobe203 2368 days ago

don't forget the eyebrows

Chris_Loves_LA 2368 days ago

Dennis RONman? Haha... it's pretty crazy how Dennis Rodman was #73 when he played for the Lakers, & now Ron Artest is #37 for the Lakers LOL... #JustSayin LOL

BTW, this is why y'all should get a Twitter & Facebook, that's where I s

GenerousHandful 2368 days ago

I agree, do some purple too. Looks good!

LKRGIRL 2368 days ago

damn Ron! I'm loving it!!!

LKRGIRL 2368 days ago

damn Ron! I'm loving it!!!

Nightmare187 2368 days ago

Add some Purple!

cea22 2368 days ago

gotta represent the Purple as well as the Gold! GO LAKERS and GO ARTEST.

walisawsome 2368 days ago

why lol

ilovesweat 2368 days ago

purple and gold? that's gonna be stupid sick, ron ron! get us a win too ~ go lakers!

m_carina 2368 days ago

omfg!! wtf is going on here?? lol...

MJ62 2368 days ago

haha, sick

3POINTGROTTO 2368 days ago


oran2626 2368 days ago

The new rodman blonde hair and defense!!! R u fucking Madonna also lol

_LetsBeFrank_ 2368 days ago

Look the return of Dennis Rodman!