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I play guitar.

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I too am a fan of the "Cinnimon Toast Crunch." However, this morning, THIS is what I call a "Hearty Starter."

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1506 days ago

I too am a fan of the "Cinnimon Toast Crunch." However, this morning, THIS is what I call a "Hearty Starter."


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julieannbowling 1498 days ago

Love the shades Grant. What a legend. :)

JoshKStall 1506 days ago

Dude, I totally agree with that. Very nice

MoeHawk37 1506 days ago

Look at you go wit your cereal and your sun gasses on inside. Such a bad ass, Grant! Lol I also find your smile to be quite amusing; such a polite sincere little smile for such a random photo. :)

GeorgieRhianne 1506 days ago

No way! I didn't even know they made these anymore...they were

MarkStanton89 1506 days ago

I've never actually tried ykcuL smrahC, but heard they are pretty good

jblagg 1506 days ago

whoa, I too find myself (every morning) having to make the great decision between lucky charms and cinnamon toast crunch.. weird. today, i would've gone with ctc. but its your choice haha. :P

LauraRepetti 1506 days ago

Man I wished we had a cereal as awesome as Lucky Charms in Australia! Nice shades by the way Grant :D

reids87 1506 days ago

on behalf of the irish thanks you for your support! lol!!

ksweezy_xo 1506 days ago

I just realised twitpic left of half my comment, -.- Come back to Brisbane though, kae? We miss you

carbonskyline34 1506 days ago

Agreed!!!! :D

danielasala 1506 days ago

you look sooo cutee!! like a little boyy :) ahhaha.
but cimmanon toast crunch is wayy better than lucky charms!

lovelovemusic53 1506 days ago

Ummm. Hell yes! Lucky charms= awesome cereal ever. Now I'm hungry!

ksweezy_xo 1506 days ago

Excuse me if I sound too forward, but you are quite the looker

fearlessrainbow 1506 days ago

LOL awesome. (:

DrewLooksAtMe 1506 days ago

Hahaha. This picture totally made my day! Love you Grant! :)

taylorswift13uk 1506 days ago

Haha, Lucky Charms!!! :) - Come back to fundon soon grant we miss you!