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Seriously, I just put a normal fork down on the counter, came back and saw this. Something I ate?

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1822 days ago

Seriously, I just put a normal fork down on the counter, came back and saw this. Something I ate?


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stitchngrl 1787 days ago

I think it is flipping you the bird. ;)

MaryK61 1821 days ago

Looks like you may have a Paisley Poltergeist on your hands (& fork!)

Lillie_Pawluk 1822 days ago

Now that there is a sign of a man trying to fix something!! Lol!

DieselAndMe 1822 days ago

Sometines that happens

rockdok 1822 days ago

ooooooweeeeeeeooooooooo spookey

bitsysam 1822 days ago

Umm poltergeist maybe?

keiperj 1822 days ago

Does your dog eat with a fork?

melainam 1822 days ago


shanonvh 1822 days ago

No, someone you married would be more likely

Newsette42 1822 days ago

Who knew you had "Kreskin-like" powers?

lkaio 1822 days ago

Looks like one of those mind bender things. Maybe one of you boys is gifted! And I dont mean Brad : )

PamelaheavenWV 1822 days ago

HA HA Kimberly that is so funny & scary! Lady bug attacked it?

lkaio 1822 days ago


Cantrell_Amanda 1822 days ago

No wonder U can get kids 2 eat their Veggies N E thing is better then Lady Bugs, oysters, & now this

macgowans 1822 days ago

talk about your Freudian slips... ;-)

armigloo 1822 days ago

that fork is flippin' you off. you gonna take that?

Rich_Hornung 1822 days ago

Speaking of Ghosts, you may have some object in your house that you may not want in there. Stuff can follow stuff home. I had that happen before. Pray about it, if you can't think of anything.

alfiecatperson 1822 days ago

Where's Brad ? He is singing rocky top different ways so maybe he was using it as a tuning fork!

Sarah_Anders 1822 days ago

Nope just help from the little people.I swear they leave nothing lie unless you want them to pick it up

Rich_Hornung 1822 days ago

Straighten it out and leave it on the counter again, then come back again. See what happens.