Chad Gilbert of NFG


I play guitar in New Found Glory. I have solo songs I call What's Eating Gilbert. Still Straight Edge! Sang in Shai Hulud. I DONT HAVE FACEBOOK!

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A special message from CM Punk to all of you

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1502 days ago

A special message from CM Punk to all of you


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kangroo1234 1036 days ago

im going for u on raw ur a hottie

Niazi7 1494 days ago

plssssssssssssss.try for money in the bank qualifing match again.

Niazi7 1494 days ago

Love U Man.And Love The SES.
And Wanted To Be A Part Of SES.

gr3ciana 1495 days ago

love him..........join the dors SES family!

ArvindRunsAmok 1497 days ago

Punk is awesome!!!

oyinny 1497 days ago

let's go dorkin! :D

Kevindbailey 1499 days ago


thefutureisjg 1499 days ago

I was more noticing that he may have shaved his beard? XD

Sancho_Kayfabe 1499 days ago

Samoa Joe told me that this is really how Punk feels about Twitter, PUNK IS GOD, sorry Marks!

OzzyOnEdge 1499 days ago

Thanks a lot!

nomaed 1499 days ago

Raise your hands, touch you monitor, and pledge allegiance to the Dork Society!

michaeld 1499 days ago


kimmy_HEELfan 1500 days ago

boo that man

DanielaLeymont 1501 days ago

He is MY straight edge!! Love him

CliffDidAnElvis 1501 days ago

thank you cm punk for clearing that up...yay im a dork.

SESociety 1501 days ago

Our savior is #betterthantwitter

ienah_ 1501 days ago

I really love Phil, doesn't matter of his looks, but plz, tell him to shave :D of course, if he doesn't, he'll stay handsome :p

ienah_ 1501 days ago

>.< thx Punky. But anyway, we love you all the same :D don't us?? :p

iHeartZMyers 1501 days ago

Yay. We're all dorks! At least we're straightedge dorks. :)

Ariannin 1502 days ago

Yeah! Dorks Club!!