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Next Garlic steak....

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1641 days ago

Next Garlic steak....


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sylar00 1640 days ago

the gigantic knife just gives it that perfect touch XD

JaySeanSyd 1640 days ago

Wow, yummy *drools* now im hungry :D

JayShizzleNYC 1641 days ago

hmmmmmmmmmmmm.....i m not a veggie or sumthin....butt..........dat dusnt luk dat great to me lolz..sorryy...but hope u like itt

cuties108 1641 days ago

m a veggie Jay!!

jaydedartisodmg 1641 days ago

We , Veggies , would say " ew " . lmao

MWKvanessa 1641 days ago

OH GOSH!! You're making me hungry... XP

patholeme 1641 days ago

OMG ! what's the name od the place ur at ? xoxo so wanna go there ! xoxo ttys

jayseanlatinas 1641 days ago

Thats a little rare for me!! I like my meat well done!! Like u Papi!!!!!!!lol U R WELL DONE!!

lacangri694 1641 days ago

UHHHH that looks really good yummy now im hungry lol

laurendilmanian 1641 days ago

whers mine???

Mel728 1641 days ago

you'll have enough protien in your system for a month of sundays. lol.

lauren2104 1641 days ago

You're Not going to be able to move if you eat all 7!!

komiiexo 1641 days ago

Hmmm, sounded yummie, doesn't really look the part but hey! gotta try somthin new ? :)

NawtyHawty 1641 days ago

hmmm. now im hungry :P

sarah5232 1641 days ago

haha, hungry.. much?

EmmaFiskNEWS 1641 days ago

That doesn't look nice lol!!! Good luck eating it lol!!

lorenJmiller 1641 days ago

hahahhahahahahahhahahahahahhaha xD...hungry???? XD... that is soooooo big hahaha but looks yumyy X)

RC_Movies 1641 days ago


RaffySean 1641 days ago

Tht Dunt Look Nice..Lol x

RC_Movies 1641 days ago