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I am an author (Looking for Alaska, The Fault in Our Stars, etc.), a YouTuber (vlogbrothers, crashcourse, etc.), and a person who does not cast movies.

Sometimes misplaced quotation marks can be DEADLY:

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2426 days ago

Sometimes misplaced quotation marks can be DEADLY:


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saurkraut 2348 days ago

there's a sign at my airport that says "Push the 'green' button."

HezHer 2425 days ago

Bahaha Bellingam is ridicuously awesome like that.

wellwords 2425 days ago

On one brand of absorbent packages found in shoe boxes and whatnot, it will tell you to DO NOT "EAT"

itsmariko 2425 days ago

I lol'd!

bazayas 2426 days ago

My aunt uses quotatation marks for emphasis : Sweetie, you look so "pretty". So "proud" you're my niece. I "love" you.

Or maybe she's not quite "certain" about a few things. I don't "know".

cathal99h 2426 days ago

I love the way there's a K between the C and Y. ICKY! xD

hollium 2426 days ago

"Oh, apparently it's 'icy', but it's probably nothing to worry about. I'm taking the SUV either way."

White667 2426 days ago

That's the sorta' signpost which makes me think people should double check things more.

yousquashedit 2426 days ago

Me and the people over at know this quite well, John.

AFaceLikeThat 2426 days ago

Is that a euphemism of some sort?

OhaiimRyan 2426 days ago

HAHA! Thats great!