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Here you go @raceready. The SKY bus. Hey, you asked for it.

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2308 days ago

Here you go . The SKY bus. Hey, you asked for it.


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coveryourcar 2304 days ago

Check out the reg on the Jag also, not exactly scrimping here are we... Oh and the bikes (drool), and what really matters, the riders.

AxDxAx 2307 days ago

Note the Jag people.... Sure beats a Nissan!!!!

Carmacyclist 2307 days ago

Hook, line and sinker....nice Lance

suzzi4u 2307 days ago

My Momma taught me, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all".....she never said I couldn't laugh...ha ha ha ha!

LarryBirdy 2307 days ago

"Excuse me while I kiss the Sky" (sorry Jimmy)

600watts 2307 days ago

perdy funny, 2 funny actually

raceready 2307 days ago

yea dig that...ha ha .thats more what the brits deserve.and the DI2 shifting ???that's unfair.still im sure you will pass by their motorized asses easily leave them in dust.yea "moma said knock you out"/"moma said knock you out".give them pain GENERAL.

mattyt12345 2308 days ago

team skys real bus is Sick its got purple interiors and stuff,
no team can challenge this

Dahveed1 2308 days ago

They're a new team, cut them some slack. It doesn't mater who has the best bus, only the fastest riders...

KiserKM 2308 days ago

HEY nobody here has the right to laugh.... none of us have a team bus! yet...

felipevielmann 2308 days ago

I don't think Lance is being mean/sarcastic/jealous of the Sky team. Someone did ask for a pic of the Sky bus yesterday, he's merely answering his fans...we ask, he gives, u get upset, gotta love it! Thanx for the pic Lance

kokopellien 2308 days ago

You do not mean, do you?

infauxtek 2308 days ago

Where are the wings. This doesn't look like it's sky friendly

Jorge746 2308 days ago

leaves quite a bit to be desired. Still, nice team car!

carmendstamm 2308 days ago


VeloNutts 2308 days ago

Looks like they stole it from my Grandparents. LOL
They probably have to step out to Pee..

nickrose0711 2308 days ago

lil bit cheeky there not jealous over the sky team are u?

TXDiesel22 2308 days ago

Lance, you might want to go snag Gerrans from that team...he would be a huge asset to The Shack since Sastre screwed him last year at Cervelo Test Team..

blaxley 2308 days ago

Ooooooh. Just because you're losing, tra la la la la!!

fastrack9 2308 days ago

Chitty, chitty bang bang 2010