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Thanks for the help all.  Here it is live from the edit bay !!!

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2169 days ago

Thanks for the help all. Here it is live from the edit bay !!!


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ShirJ2 2031 days ago

Ghostfacer RULZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LinShea 2165 days ago

I'm so stoked for this project!!!

annielicious14 2166 days ago

I love you guys!

GhostfacerFans 2166 days ago

Yea Ghostfacers! The razorist people around!

Lissie_A 2167 days ago

I'm soo excited. We needed out Facers back :D

MaydayMickie 2167 days ago


CandyMaize 2168 days ago

:) Can't wait to see it/them!

izzles25 2168 days ago

So can't wait to see the finished product! Ghost ghost facers! You guys are so awesome :)

Anianka86 2168 days ago

GO Ghostfacers!

Meehra 2168 days ago

I freaking love you guys!! x) My Ghostfacers fanvid should be somewhat proof of that. ;)

AUNTIEKARMYN 2168 days ago

Can I be your new intern?

bloggagens 2168 days ago

OMG! I can't wait! You guys rock!

love_kate_walsh 2169 days ago

Love the pic!

rmgsol 2169 days ago

i personally thank you for being amazing

sams_woman 2169 days ago


SarahLovesJls 2169 days ago

woohoo, you have no idea how excited i am *well maybe yer do ;P * but cant wait- mr E best be good to you or ill hunt him down ;) oh and nice guns there ;)

Udonnas 2169 days ago

Sooooooo cooooooool - hope you had fun!!!

orchidblack 2169 days ago

You guys are looking really well, might wanna get that arthritis looked at though ;0)

HowlingMadMo 2169 days ago

How awesome are you guys! Razor as always :) woo hoo I can't wait!

sparky2789 2169 days ago

Awesome!! Can't wait to see finished product