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1692 days ago


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dedushkadave 1692 days ago


roma413 1692 days ago

contining: ...performance of his duty. And that bike: conveyence? barrier? weapon? Seems to me the officers did a good job allowing expression while keeping everyone safe.

roma413 1692 days ago

With all due respect, your point is NOT clear. My point is this: you do not know what precipitated this image unless you were present, nor do you know whether this "taser" was discharged. The officer looks to be reasonably holding his ground in the perf

MicDoh 1692 days ago

I was succinct. To clarify, CHP deny use of Taser, and they will retract that. As for chickens, and shoes, I need not clarify, as my point was very clear.

roma413 1692 days ago

MicDoh...what are you talking about? Chickens? Denial? What's your point? Don't judge the officer unless you have walked in his or her shoes.

MicDoh 1692 days ago

Having been at the front line of the Poll Tax demo in London 1990 I know you have no control when trapped between police lines and 100 000 demonstrators who want to go forward. Guy looks trapped by bicycle, and unlucky.

MicDoh 1692 days ago

There's no excuse for treating a man like a factory farmed chicken. CHP denial is par for the course until challenged.

roma413 1692 days ago

"Ow... You're hurting me! Waaaa!"

jewface09 1692 days ago

My comment got cut off. That behavior is not okay. They need to find a way to protest and get their point across that will not make them look like an angry mob.

jewface09 1692 days ago

Yes, you can express yourself through protests, rallies, and marches. But when it becomes civil disobedience, it's a different story. The protesters were blocking buses and causing students to miss class. Then they moved on to blocking a freeway exit. Tha

JasonLooseArrow 1692 days ago

How are Americans supposed to express themselves? Though protests, rallies and marches!
"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable."
John F. Kennedy