Im pretty awesome..i live TheSecret, HUGE into music, Ghost Adventures, UFC/MMA, the NY Jets & Mets, horror & history :D

just got my Ghost Adventures coffin shirt today! wOoT!

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2371 days ago

just got my Ghost Adventures coffin shirt today! wOoT!


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MissBree29 2366 days ago

wOoT!! thx ever so!! #GACrules!! hope to help them sell some gear :D

cindyjscott 2366 days ago

You are soo stylin!!!

MissBree29 2368 days ago

thx!! but me thinks the shirt is carryin me ;)

TheMissingL_nk 2368 days ago

you look awesome!!!!!!

MissBree29 2368 days ago

want some Ghost Adventures Gear? get some at rock the coffin!! #GACrules

MissBree29 2370 days ago

wOoT!! thx girlie!!! :D it arrived yesterday! its so siiick, i luvs it!! GAC RULES!!

Tanya_Ford 2370 days ago

YAY!!! That looks awesome girlie!! woot woot! Glad it arrived!! :D

MissBree29 2371 days ago

did u see? its HERE!!! wOoT!!! im so stoked! GAC RULES!! amen

SaraSpizarks 2371 days ago

I need ASAP ♥.

MissBree29 2371 days ago

aww thx girlie!! hopefully i can help our guys sell some gear! wOoT!! GAC RULES!!!

lucygirlaz 2371 days ago

love it!! You're such a pretty model!!! Tyra's got nothing on you!

MissBree29 2371 days ago

bwhahahaha!! like those juicy or pink ones!!!! that would be a scream!!! i can see it now...

KweenKim 2371 days ago

I want like a GAC patch to put on my butt!

MissBree29 2371 days ago

yeah..all of us should rock it at ESP!! group pic rockin the GAC Coffin!! so stoked!!

courtney_hunt 2371 days ago

Yay!! You finally got it! WOOT!! Totally bringing my coffin shirt to ESP!! :D

MissBree29 2371 days ago

wanna rock the Ghost Adventures' coffin?

MissBree29 2371 days ago

YAY!!! its soooo rad i luvs it!! well worth the wait :D

KweenKim 2371 days ago

WOOT...we all can match at Philly now!! So EVERYONE has to bring their coffin T!!!!

bansheekat 2371 days ago

yay! lookin' good in it.

GOTHICVAMPRIP 2371 days ago

that is friggin wicked cool