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Felix says hi

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1870 days ago

Felix says hi


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cArlA_FrOm_MaRs 1671 days ago

He looks like my Scotty!! =)

Sylyne 1672 days ago

So cute .... Black like my cat :)

dawnieS65 1672 days ago

we have a felix but he is a ginger & white ratbag, my 3 yr old calls him Garfield cuz she watches all the garfield flicks everyday

nadlo82 1870 days ago

aww looks a bit tired ...or bored?
my 6 year old nephew is your namesake :-)

LeonyCassel 1870 days ago

So sweet :) Hi!

Shesfrommars 1870 days ago

Hi felix! You're so beautiful^^ kiss*

Lost_in_ourself 1870 days ago

Hi Felix

Natali666 1870 days ago

cute)) Love cats!!! In my apartment live three cats :)

RO_Alexandra 1870 days ago

haha he's like "get out of my face with that camera and bring me some food slave!"

Naraku74 1870 days ago

He has the look: "I know, life is boring..." XD

PerAsperaEtMars 1870 days ago

So sweet!!! *-* I love cats!!

30flory7X 1870 days ago

omg he looks like a human!ahahah very expressive! love him!

HeidiSaigg 1870 days ago

hi are you today? ha,ha,ha, a smile please,peace.J

marlenemythra 1870 days ago

awww!! he looks like "hey no paparazzi for now" haha :D

AriadnesThread_ 1870 days ago

Haha, so cute!!! Hello Felix! :D

jenlikestofly 1870 days ago

BTW, his expression is something like "oh, well, yeah.. hi" - and goes back to sleep

WeirdCamila 1870 days ago

so cute!

imN0Tokay 1870 days ago

so cute !!

jenlikestofly 1870 days ago

Awn, little cute thing

_nephilim 1870 days ago

WOW!!!!! rex cat!..=))