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In 1972, a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit. I was also born.

@justincolemoore just got his haircut & he's gonna sue the stylists at Lil'Clippers Children's Hair salon.

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1794 days ago

just got his haircut & he's gonna sue the stylists at Lil'Clippers Children's Hair salon.


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Jolie24 1729 days ago

he is such a cutie!

TiLiteJoel 1793 days ago

See what happens when you dont sit still when they cut ! bet youll sit still next time, stop pouting or youll get corner time lol

Kafjr1313 1793 days ago

And mabe some Elmers paste (goes on white dries clear)hahHa

Kafjr1313 1793 days ago

Looks like Tree year olds with dull round end sizzers cut Justin's hair. Could use some axle greese

SamanthaaBakerr 1794 days ago

Awwww poor thing. He is still good looking.

EmilyTheFast 1794 days ago

thats... somethin

denverbr1 1794 days ago

Justin maybe you can borrow one of BRAD's hats, I am sure he has a few!!!

denverbr1 1794 days ago

GEE Justin. Looks like you messed up! Guess you have to fess up to what you did and put your hat back on, if you have one.

kristen_berkos 1794 days ago

hahaha I get to see y'all this Saturday in Charleston!!! I cant wait!

telezgrl 1794 days ago

that's what happens when you refuse to sit in the booster seat

MaryK61 1794 days ago

Hmm...thinkin' that's a "backwoods" haircut?

kygeorgia 1794 days ago

Is that the look you gave em when they asked you to pay them for doing that? bet you left a "tip" didn't ya?

TahoeMtnGal 1794 days ago

Isn't it a "dry county" where you got your hair cut? And yes, you do have to eat your broccoli!

PamelaheavenWV 1794 days ago

Oh it will grow JCM. And keep ur cowboy hat on.

NikkieMcIntosh 1794 days ago

LOL! I'll be 's Lawyer. He can trust ME to handle his case! ;)

Tabeloe 1794 days ago

There's a good reason to wear that cowboy hat. LOL :)
Stop picking on Justin Brad!

melainam 1794 days ago


falseriver00 1794 days ago

hahahhaha poor Justin!

Chelsey623 1794 days ago

Wow pissed off? Sorry

Cantrell_Amanda 1794 days ago

you should have know better then to trust Brad with the scissors!