Timothy Hutton


Nate Ford searching the sky for a chopper.

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2004 days ago

Nate Ford searching the sky for a chopper.


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sheezy01 1981 days ago

"Killer" view ! lol

sheezy01 1981 days ago

"Killer" view ! lol

juleebr 1983 days ago

Nathan Ford will go into witness protection in exchange for testimony, he will get a new identity and return to Leverage with a new name.

Angelic_Dragon 2002 days ago

I have an way to save Nate... Nate want a ride? Pics on my page.

Deborahberger53 2003 days ago

you know it's on it's way

BabyAngelAsh 2003 days ago

i can only hear Nate say: Time ato steal....me...A mastermind....lol

Armada_Sloane 2003 days ago

that was supposed to be steal. lol, I get excited and my fingers won't behave!

Armada_Sloane 2003 days ago

I can't wait to see either a) Nate running cons from prison or b) the team rally and team themselves a mastermind!

Fracy 2003 days ago

Is it time to steal a prison????

CandyMaize 2004 days ago

it's sooooooo gray ........... (TY 4 sharing!)

KANEaddict 2004 days ago

YES! I cannot WAIT!!!

CupKate1 2004 days ago

Don't worry the team will come and break Nate out! Though it would be cool to see you (Nate) running Cons from jail...

GracheysMom 2004 days ago

Time for the team to go steal a mastermind!

LizzieFord329 2004 days ago

This is so depressing, I am almost ready to cry...T_T Poor Nate! Don't worry, we'll save you!

CinSensei 2004 days ago

Don't worry! The girls and I are tunneling in!

dr00dgirl 2004 days ago

I don't worry about Nate. He'll be out in no time, an episode or 2 at most. Unless they'll save it for the sesaon finale, and have Sophie running the show... I missed Sophie.

Yaya_Artist 2004 days ago

I fear 4 Nate, he's gonna be in prison going thru w/drawals and it ain't gonna B good :O

Xayian 2004 days ago

Nate needs to watch the yard for a specialist. A retrieval specialist