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2248 days ago


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Chauieee 2236 days ago

The pig is a magical creature...

DreadLocksFoxx 2241 days ago

Tony looks so happy. He's in Hog Heaven!

NickCarraway 2243 days ago

someone please post links to the food bloggers featured on this ep: can't find 'em on Tony's site

chefnicoprestia 2243 days ago


Trishster 2243 days ago

I believe this photo borders on the line between education and food porn. Naughty...

ZolaZappa 2243 days ago

Having my first whole roasted pig this weekend at a birthday party. Can't freakin' wait!

cecilida 2243 days ago

Good Tony ~ Bad Tony! The pork obsession must be the Bad Tony at work! Will watch!!

BealeStreetBBQ 2243 days ago

Yeah ME2 Brother!

DArtagnanFoods 2243 days ago

That's a D'Artagnan piggy! Fun!

liddybits 2243 days ago

This pic looks like you're packing a well-endowed pork peen and two oddly shaped porksticles. Hawt?!

travissadbury 2243 days ago

Hoghead cheese anyone??

cathylsnyder 2243 days ago

Yummy! Bacon, Ham but fav is cracklins!

RockyMt2 2243 days ago

Hmmm, I think I will skip lunch.

rurugby 2243 days ago

here piggy piggy piggy -- hmmm hog fat

cazworks 2243 days ago

Looks like Tony finally got the part in the next Saw movie.

GenerousHandful 2243 days ago

Yum, and I was thinking about having a ham sandwich for lunch.

luzifreitas 2243 days ago

ôh Dieu! O.o