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Marianas Trench guitar player person, former lawn maintenance specialist, and guy with EP. Check out 'Coda and Jacket', now available on iTunes worldwide.

cops and robbers

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2172 days ago

cops and robbers


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LovaticTweets 2030 days ago

awesome jusst awesome!!! !!!

EmilyFlores1 2036 days ago

:D love it

Libby_101 2036 days ago

HAHHA Poor matt got pushed into a fence

sheridanrene 2039 days ago

haha, nice! :P

spinninbluering 2091 days ago

Ian is staring out into space, Mike has a stache, Matt is wearing ripped jeans and Josh is wearing leather pants. i really have no idea what to say about that.

IcePrincess98 2099 days ago

that's from the celebrity status vid right? i never noticed that ian and mike were the cops...


Ian and Matt look more like Mario and Luigi, CELEBRITY STATUS! =D

jenichu 2118 days ago

haha :) awesome costumes guys.

caarmmen 2154 days ago

... WOW.whats the tattoo on 's right arm, anyways?

rachellcurtis 2156 days ago

gaaaah what's the tattoo on josh's right arm ?!

Abi_MTrench 2156 days ago

-- Matt and Josh Look sexi ^^

Abi_MTrench 2156 days ago

i luv luv luv josh's muscles! haha yum ^^ lookin good!!!!

LauraFleury12 2157 days ago

wow josh ramsay having really hot muscles? never thought of that =p love u josh

LittleLisa24 2160 days ago

Love this!!!!

santdn 2160 days ago

:O sexxyyy this is like my fetish x) hahaha

VictoriaB2R 2167 days ago

Nice pic :) and nice mullet. Love Josh's hat, but Josh needs a mustache!!!! And Mike needs to lose his. Lmao. This vid is gonna be wicked!

Ramsay_lover 2169 days ago

Thats awesome :) i love you guys :P

MaddieFleming 2170 days ago

Nice guns, Ramsay. Love the mullet, Matt.

freshtalent 2170 days ago

I never thought I'd seen the day when Josh FINALLY where's leather pants! SQUEE!!! plus this pic is just too awesome!

TanishaMTRENCH 2171 days ago

Oh god, I love this picture.. By the way, I never see Joshs other tattoo so clearly before. : )