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She's trying to call Kirsite on the cellie.....

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1850 days ago

She's trying to call Kirsite on the cellie.....


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JhenWendy 1727 days ago

she is so cute ²

8bits1byte 1813 days ago

I wonder if she knows her real owner... KIRSTIE and not KIRSITE

SavyLyd 1813 days ago

Awwwwww you should name that one Twitter!

pnkpokadot 1834 days ago

aww. she is so cute.

laur98 1848 days ago adorable!!

twitgirl1957 1849 days ago

now, your Lemurs dont chat on the phone will they drive, do they??? Ha ha ha....that baby is adorable.

wall8 1849 days ago

Hahahahahaa. Cute pic!!!! xoxo!!

EwoutLK 1850 days ago

haha so funny:)

onceatweeter 1850 days ago

"Kirstie, could you help me pick some names for my twin babies?"

allesegretti 1850 days ago

Hope that phone has a good minutes plan!

MzBrendaL 1850 days ago

She looks like such a cool pet! Makes me miss my Ferret Flower.She passed away a couple of years ago.

Fran_d_fan_4evr 1850 days ago

well we have a new twitter ;)

dixiedoodlers 1850 days ago

She is trying to put it on Vibrate.

Chik_Nolte 1850 days ago

LOL I love it!!!

RCGrl624 1850 days ago

...oh yeah, and throw in a bowl of the green soup!

ShaniBeeGirl 1850 days ago


HereComsTrouble 1850 days ago

Im NOT HOME, NOT baby!

DeiCastro15 1850 days ago

awwww Lol !!

CariAz_13 1850 days ago

Already tweeting..bad

ajlikewhoa 1850 days ago

lol...thats adorable