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Dove and her new twins!!

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1641 days ago

Dove and her new twins!!


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Leggz1061 1626 days ago

NOW THIS IS PRECIOUS....Gotta luv that u can have exotics on the Left Coast. Congrats on the babies

kalanamama 1633 days ago

so precious and divine. xoc

GuitarDragon 1637 days ago

So adorable!

laur98 1639 days ago cute is that!!

Eli_HunnyBee 1641 days ago

OMG sooo cute!!

twitgirl1957 1641 days ago wonderful.Life is Good.

josephcavin 1641 days ago

Hey Kirstie how about letting people know the DOWN side of owning these cute wonderful little balls of fur... not saying they are not great but then again as you know they are NOT for everyone and need a really knowledgeable care giver... not to mention h

maxilynt 1641 days ago

That is too precious for words. What do they weigh? Did Dove name them Ghiardelli and Cadbury? Thanks for sharing.

josephcavin 1641 days ago

Hey Kirstie you just posted GOOD MORNING LOVE BUCKETS....THIS IS Tuesday? hmmmmm....what will Tuesday bring for you? For me...filming and EXCERCISE...and other stuff. today is Wednesday... oops

allik91 1641 days ago


ss2009wm 1641 days ago

Oh! How cute! This is a great picture.

CatoRose13 1641 days ago

Adorable! U have α pet lemur legally?? How much did you pay to have α license and for her? Nevertheless, they're cute as heck!

MzBrendaL 1641 days ago

Oh my gosh that is just way to cute!!! I want one!!!!

KissMeJordanK 1641 days ago

Soooo cute!!! Does that make you a gma???

Fran_d_fan_4evr 1641 days ago

thats my new screensaver 4 my laptop...and

Fran_d_fan_4evr 1641 days ago

Aahhwwww!! that is ADORABLE!come on!u no u wanna box one up and send me 1!

Lionscale 1641 days ago

It doesn't get cuter than that. What an amazing experience for you and your kids. Thanks for sharing and look forward to more pictures.

brightmanite 1641 days ago

Awwwwwww so cute!

Goldenmama 1641 days ago


taylorgoesmoo3 1641 days ago

OMG, that is so adorable! X3